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FSCC Leap Year Bonspiel 

Hi, all!  We wanted to provide more information regarding the “Leap Year Spiel” to answer some questions we have received. 

1.  Yes, this is the same Spiel we have had for newer curlers.  The name has gone from 5 & Under to 2013 Spiel for those who started curling January 1, 2013, or have less than 7 years lifetime curling experience to Leap Year Spiel just for this year.  As you can see we’re struggling to come up with a name that recognizes our intent to introduce newer curlers to bonspieling - any ideas for a name would be welcome.

2.  Yes, there is a 3-game guarantee.

3.  Yes, all members of your team must be FSCC members.  One focus of this spiel is to have it be a club Bonspiel.

4.  Yes, there will be food provided on Saturday night and Sticks & Stones will provide food and drink specials throughout the weekend.

5.  Less than 7 years of lifetime experience - best way to explain this is through examples.  If you never curled before 1/1/2013 - you are eligible.  If you curled one semester in college in 1995 and then started curling in 2015 at FSCC - you are eligible.  If you curled juniors for 8 years when you were a kid 20 years ago and just started curling again 2 years ago - you are not eligible.  

6.  If you are a single or just a couple members of your regular want to play, we can probably find you some matches.  This seems to be a common occurrence.  

7.  We will have a raffle and many prizes.  Donations for prizes are appreciated!

Opened: 01/05/2020 

9 registrations. 9 open positions.