Our curling club has not taken the typical path to formation.  It took the foresight of the staff and the Directors of Fogerty Arena "The Ice House," a bunch of hockey guys and a handful of local life-long curlers, and about five years of planning to get a six-sheet dedicated curling facility built in the Twin Cities metropolitan area.


On May 31, 2012, Fogerty Arena held an official ground breaking ceremony, and the dream of a new curling facility finally became a reality.  About two weeks later, a group of about 40 curlers, both experienced and absolute beginners, came together with the sole purpose of organizing the membership.  Several weeks of hard work has resulted in the creation of a Board of Directors and several committees attacking a variety of tasks necessary to establish the foundation and ensure the success of the club and the facility.  One of many early decisions made is to celebrate the fact that this will be the first curling club in the country that will operate year-round; thus, the name chosen for the club is the Four Seasons Curling Club.