Corporate and Group Events


We have ice time available year-round for your special event needs.  We make every effort to have ice time that does not interfere with other events and leagues made available for corporate events typically at the following times:
Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. 
A very limited number of Saturday afternoons and evenings, typically 2 p.m. - 10 p.m.
A very limited number of Sunday mornings and afternoons, typically 8 a.m. - 2 p.m.


What is the cost of a curling event?

The cost of a curling event is $500 minimum for up to 10 people for weekday events and a $700 minimum for up to 10 people for weekend events. For every person over the minimum, the rate is $40 per person. A non-refundable deposit of the event minimum will be required to hold and confirm your reservation.  Please be advised of our cancellation policy as shown below. Full payment is required on the day of the event.


Is there a private room for our event?

Yes. The Curlers Lounge can easily accommodate 100 people.


Booking the Curler's Lounge only?

The Curler's Lounge is also available to be booked without a curling function and is an ideal location for your Meeting, Reception, or other Party activity.  Costs for booking the Curlers Lounge:  $300 deposit on the room.


What methods of payment are accepted?

We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, check, and cash.  Full payment for an event is required at the end of your event.


What does the cost include for a curling event?

The fees include the use of the ice and facility for up to two consecutive hours.  This includes brooms, rocks, rubber shoe grippers, and everything else that is needed to curl.  The price also includes certified instructors from the Fogerty Arena staff and the Four Seasons Curling Club who will teach your group how to curl.  We will provide an appropriate number of instructors based on the number of people anticipated. 


What is the cancellation policy?

If your event needs to be canceled at any time, your deposit will be forfeited.


Is there a waiver to sign?  Are there any age limits?  Can kids or teens curl?

All curlers are required to sign a waiver before going on the ice.  Waivers will be provided at the Club, or you can save time by downloading the waiver, then print, sign and bring it with you. Curlers under 18 years of age must have a waiver signed by a parent or guardian before going on the ice.  If a parent is not coming to the event, print, sign, and send the form with the child.

Typically, kids need to be 8 years old to have a chance of getting a rock into play.  On the ice, an adult should accompany children under 10.


What if more or fewer people show up than we planned?

Event charges will be based on the number of guests at the booking time. Adjustments to the number of guests may be made up to 10 days prior to the date of the event: Due to facility and staffing costs, reductions to the number of guests booked will NOT be credited within 10 days of the event. Additions to the number of guests within 10 days of the event will be charged at the agreed-upon price per person and reflected in changes to the final contract on the day of the event.


What is the address of the curling club?

Our mailing address for event deposits is:

        Fogerty Arena
        9250 Lincoln St NE
        Blaine, MN 55434


What should people wear?

Dress in layers.  The arena temperature is about 45-50 degrees. You'll be standing on ice for two hours. If you normally wear a hat outside, you'll probably want to wear one while curling as well. Clothing should allow freedom of movement.  You need to be able to squat and lunge (blue jeans are not recommended since your movement is restricted). Lightweight gloves keep your hands warm while still allowing you to feel the stone. Fleece or velour jackets are a poor choice for curling because they have a tendency to shed fluff balls, which can impact the path of a rock and are difficult to remove from the ice surface.

Clean shoes! Athletic shoes are fine.  Please consider buying a dedicated pair of shoes for curling.  Any little grain of sand or pebble from shoes can affect the path of the stone.  If you've worn them outside, please make sure you clean them before you curl in them. Avoid shoes with eyelets or metal on top. If your feet tend to get cold, consider wearing two pairs of socks. The Club will supply any other equipment necessary.