2020 Fall League Information

July 14th @ Noon – Founder Registration Opens

March 21st @ Noon – General Registration Opens

September 10th - Thursday Fall League Begins

September 13th - All Other Fall League Begins

All league participants must have their FSCC Membership up to date.


14 Week - 12 Games

2 Bye Weeks

$216.00 + Tax Per player

Sunday 4:30 PM - Open Rec

Sunday 7:00 PM - Open Rec

Monday 5:30 PM - Open Rec

Monday 8:00 PM - Open Rec

Tuesday 5:30 PM - Open Rec

Tuesday 8:00 PM - Open Rec

Wednesday 5:30 PM - Open Rec

Wednesday 8:00 PM - Super League

Thursday 5:30 PM - Open Rec

Thursday 8:00 PM - Open Rec

Friday 8:00 PM - Doubles

Getting involved with curling has never been easier.  Four Seasons Curling Club is offering several choices including leagues, Learn to Curl clinics, Instructional Curling League, and Bonspiels.  To participate in any of our leagues, an individual must have a Club membership.  Children 18 and under may participate in the Youth Curling Program for a reduced fee of $20 if a parent is a member of FSCC and $40 if parents are non-members.


The membership year goes from October 1 to September 30. The dues are not prorated, so in joining you may get less than one full year. However, if you join the Club in the last three months of the membership year (July 1-September 30), your membership will apply through the end of the following membership year.  This system will prove to be beneficial as each member the Club will have the opportunity to CURL YEAR-ROUND.

Already belong to another curling club? Four Seasons Curling Club will provide a discount for people who have paid their USCA and MCA dues through memberships in other  clubs. Show us a receipt and we'll deduct the dues from your Four Seasons Curling Club membership.

The Club and the ice sheets are wheelchair accessible.  We are prepared to introduce adaptive curling opportunities when the need arises.  We would like to encourage adaptive athletes to  contact us so we can create the necessary adaptive leagues to meet everyone’s needs.

We want to introduce the sport of curling to everyone, so we will offer several opportunities to build skills. With just one Learn to Curl session, you may be able to join an Open-Recreational or an Open-Novice League. There's also an Instructional Curling League.  

All of our leagues are classified as an Open League (Open League Recreational, Novice, Super League, and Youth). We are learning more about the demographics of the new Club, so we can create the appropriate leagues moving forward.

For more information on membership, please contact  Carrie Harms.

Club Membership
All costs are per person.

Membership Fee (yearly fee): $125 plus tax*


When you become a member of the Four Seasons Curling Club, you receive the following benefits:

  • Membership to the United States Curling Association (USCA) 

  • Membership to the Minnesota Curling Association (MCA)

  • Free USCA Curling News publications

  • Discounts on additional league fees

  • Ability to compete in USCA and MCA sanctioned events and playdowns

  • Four Seasons Curling Club board eligibility and voting privileges (annual meeting will be in April of 2014)

  • Discounts on practice ice time

All membership fees and dues go toward paying the Club's operating expenses for the year. 

What to wear?


  • Dress in layers.  The arena temperature is about 45-50 degrees and you'll be standing on ice for two hours. If you normally wear a hat outside, you'll probably want to wear one while curling as well.

  • Clothing should allow freedom of movement.  You need to be able to squat and lunge (blue jeans are not recommended since your movement is restricted).

  • Lightweight gloves keep your hands warm while still allowing you to feel the stone.

  • Fleece or velour jackets are a poor choice for curling because they have a tendency to shed fluff balls, which can impact the path of a rock and are difficult to remove from the ice surface.


  • Clean shoes!

  • Athletic shoes are fine.  Please consider buying a dedicated pair of shoes for curling. Any little grain of sand or pebble from shoes can affect the path of the stone.  If you've worn them outside, please make sure you clean them before you curl in them.

  • Avoid shoes with eyelets or metal on top.

  • If your feet tend to get cold, consider wearing two pairs of socks.

If you’re interested in becoming a member of the Four Seasons Curling Club, please use this Registration link.


*Rates are subject to change.


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